International Testings

Sonda has been developing the biometric fingerprint identification systems for more than 28 years. The high quality of Sonda’s biometric algorithms regularly confirmed by the independent international testings  – NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, MINEX (Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test), FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition), SlapSeg, IPI RAN Institute of Informatics Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, NIST – FpVTE-12 (Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation 2012). Sonda is certified by ILO (the International Labour Organization) for the seafarer’s ID cards. In all these tests Sonda consistently takes the first places and enters the top five of world leaders.

Fingerprint Verification Competition
Proprietary Fingerprint Template Evaluation II (PFTII)
NIST FpVTE-2012 -Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation
Testings of Russian Academy of Sciences
International Labour Organization Certification
FBI Certification
MINEX - Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test
FVC-2006 Fingerprint Verification Competition
Slap Fingerprint Segmentation Evaluation
FVC-2004 Fingerprint Verification Competition