fingerprint scanner LS21FP

LS1FP scanner designed for capturing a full fingerprint image without enrolling procedure. It is an appropriate solution for registration of citizens in biometric software applications. Those fingerprint identification systems could be the physical and logical access control, time & attendance tracking, voting system, fingerprint payment systems and many others.

fingerprint scanner LS2FP

LS2FP scanner designed for capturing two full fingerprints simultaneously. It is very good for registration in biometric identification systems using 2-, 4-, 10-fingers. It excludes enrolling procedure, thus making the process of registration easier and faster. Moreover, the entanglement of fingerprints is practically impossible.

Distinctive Features

The unique volumetric prism has no analogues in the world. It reads 120° of a finger’s surface and provides higher quality and greater identification accuracy. The fingerprint image size is much larger than one obtained with a flatbed scanner.

The concave prism captures a full fingerprint without enrolling, thus, facilitating and speeding up the process of users registration.

Comparative Tests

The results of comparative tests of areas of fingerprint images obtained with LS2FP and a flat prism scanner when applying 4 fingers at a time and singly.

  • LS2FP fingerprints allow definition an average of 36% more minutiae compared to fingerprints of a flatbed scanner in 4x4x2 mode.
  • LS2FP fingerprints allow definition an average of 22% more minutiae compared to fingerprints of a flatbed scanner in a single mode.
  • Using LS2FP for registration makes it possible more than to halve identification errors at a large inaccuracy of finger application to working area of a scanner (45 degrees transversal and 30 degrees longitudinal).