How does it work

You can make your payments fast and easy by Pay By Touch application. On paying for purchases a buyer applies his finger to a live fingerprint scanner. The system identifies him and runs payment procedure by means chosen on registration. At the same time the system automatically runs an individual loyalty program. It can be cumulative discounts, bonus points, personal offer: birthday discounts, information on products or services of buyer’s interest, etc.

The POS terminal displays the total amount for purchases to be automatically charged off the buyer’s account and an informational SMS message goes to the buyer’s mobile phone.


Citizens participating in this project undertake a voluntary registration at registration points such as:

  • vendor offices,
  • special operators offices,
  • banks participating in the project,
  • home via Internet if any live scanner available.

Furthermore, on registration citizens choose their own method of payment:

  • bank card (automatic debiting money from a bank card without presenting the card itself),
  • e-Wallet,
  • special accounts at bank involved in the project.

The program allows customization of security for the individual customer’s account. Optionally Customer may use more than one finger to verify his payments setting his own algorithm. In case of expensive purchases Customer may add another finger or two to verify his personality.

Moreover, different fingers could be assigned to different retail outlets and even to different times by setting amount limitations for each case. Customer is free to set his own notification thresholds for automatic SMS messaging.

Customer may protect himself from payments under the threat of violence with ‘Alarming finger’ function. So in this case the system blocks all transactions and alerts the nearest point of law enforcement.

Fingerprint is absolutely safe for use

The system database does not store the fingerprint images but only their mathematical codes. It is impossible to reconstruct the real fingerprint image from such a code as well as to use this code anywhere else but the system.

Sonda biometric technology allows recognition of any fake finger.

Main Advantages

Payments go fast and easy without long queues.

Passwords, pin-codes, bank cards or cash are not required any longer.

Payments & loyalty programs with bonus or discounts – all with just one touch of your finger.

Secure payment operations with full on-line control.

One bank account and loyalty program for all family members.

Benefits for Customers

You don’t need cash or bank cards on which you can lose or forget at home.

You pay fast and easy – the whole procedure (identification and payment) takes only 3-5 seconds.

You don’t have to obtain loyalty cards which also you can lose or forget. Your loyalty programs run automatically once you touch a live scanner.

Greater security options (no one but you can only make payments since fingerprints are not transferable or fabricated).

You can control your expenses on-line.

Benefits for Sellers

Cashless payments reduce costs for cash operations.

Pay by Touch accelerates customers service. Identification and payment take only 3-5 seconds.

Direct payments save overhead costs.

Convenience and individual loyalty programs retain regular customers and attract new clients.

Unbiased time & attendance tracking for all employees by fingerprints.