Sonda AFIS Tier One
~ Accuracy ~ Speed ~ Scalability ~

AFIS helps to create and maintain electronic databases of fingerprints, ten-prints and palm-prints collected from crime scenes. It performs all kinds of identification.

bio id fp

Sonda AFIS is universal. It can be used by criminalists as traditional AFIS in solving crimes by fingerprints and latents collected from crime scenes. Besides, the system can be used in nationwide and civil projects with databases of unlimited size such as the issuance of biometric passports, identity cards and biometric visas, control of foreigners as a part of the fighting against illegal migration, monitoring elections, monitoring of borrowers with banks, etc.


High quality of Sonda’s biometric algorithms was many times confirmed by International testing NIST, MINEX, FVC, SlapSeg, ELFT, IPI RAN, FpVTE-12 and so on. On all these tests Sonda consistently won prizes and took the leading positions. Sonda is certified by ILO for seafarers ID cards.


According to the results of the most significant and large-scale testing FpVTE-12 Sonda entered the top five of world leaders.