March 25, 2018

FVC OnGoing – Fingerprint Verification Competition

fvc ongoing

Sonda submitted two new algorithms on the regular Fingerprint Verification Competition. Those are the advanced fingerprint algorithm and the algorithm for palmprint identification. Results of their testings came on July 14 for fingerprint algorithm and on July 18 for palmprint algorithm. The advanced fingerprint algorithm passed one of the most difficult FVC test – FV-HARD-1.0. It showed the best result among the other participants and proved the Sonda’s technology leadership. Thus, Sonda took the first place on a number of indicators: FMR (10000), FMR (1000), Zero (FMR). This algorithm had a very high verification speed – about 9 milliseconds.

The palmprint identification algorithm which was submitted for the first time passed PV-FULL-1.0. Palmprint verification consists in comparing two palmprints to determine whether they are impressions of the same palm or not and contains full images of palms acquired in operational conditions using high-quality optical scanners. Sonda was the first on two of the six indicators: FMR (10000) and Zerro (FMR). The searching time was 111 milliseconds which is 5-20 times better than the most of other participants had. In summary Sonda had the best result in this test.

FVC Official Test Report