Technology advantages

Tier One Speed, Accuracy, Scalability
Sonda’s Algorithms Rank Top 5 In Industry

Sonda’s fingerprint identification algorithms provide greater identification accuracy, high matching speed and saving computational resources due to the unique fingerprint model protected by patents. The base of that model is a fingerprint topological description. With that model Sonda’s identification method is tolerant to nonlinear deformation, scaling, translations and rotations of fingerprints.

The identification technology is based on the special accelerating algorithms, advanced data structure and unique templates which contain concise information about fingerprint. Databases are formed by both collecting fingerprints from mobile or fixed registration stations and importing fingerprints from any system of any producer using international data-sharing protocols ANSI / NIST of FBI and Interpol versions.

Technology advantages

Implementation of all functional modules on commercially available hardware (COTS).

High functional flexibility and adaptability of the system to end-user requirements, including specific countries standards.

Unlimited scaling possibility to provide required performance. User-friendly interface.

Ability to exchange data with other AFIS by ANSI/NIST exchange protocols.

WSQ compression method certified by FBI used for fingerprint processing.

Ability to work with fingerprints, palmprints and latents collected from crime scenes.

Input of ten-print and palm-prints performed fully automatically and does not require the operator control for setting and correction of core & deltas.

Template is based on patented technology of using a topology information (each minutiae keeps information about its neighbors), that is more stable and selective than a classical ridge count, that are used in many systems.

Both the unique algorithms for fingerprints processing and matching ensure high reliability and efficiency running on COTS servers.

The search algorithms have built in algorithmic search accelerators which increase the matching speed in hundreds of times. This significantly reduces the total AFIS cost and makes it possible to build the real time identification system of citizen in just a few seconds on multimillion databases.

High performance of Sonda identification technology confirmed by the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology of (NIST) on FpVTE12 tests. According to the test results based on the identification speed, accuracy and using of computation resources Sonda is in the top five of world leaders.

AFIS Sonda successfully passed the trial operation in MIA of the Russian Federation. On its base Federal AFIS with DB of 90 million 10-prints was implemented. The system for operational checks showed the high efficiency. The identification time for a person by one or two fingers ranged within 2-5 seconds. The rapid operational identification is also possible with the mobile police terminal based on smart-phone and fingerprint scanner.