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Sonda SDK – Software Development Kits are designed for integration of fingerprint identification into a wide range of civil and criminal applications such as criminal AFIS, national passport systems, ID-cards, fingerprint payment systems, access control, time & attendance tracking and many others.

All Sonda SDKs may be easily integrated into any identification system. Sonda SDKs provide fast and accurate identification on databases of unlimited size. The high quality of Sonda’s biometric algorithms was regularly confirmed by the independent international testings – MINEX (Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test), FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition), SlapSeg (Slap Segmentation), IPI RAN (Institute of Informatics problems, Russian Academy of Sciences), NIST FpVTE-12 (Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation-2012). Sonda was certified by ILO (the International Labor Organization) for seafarer identity document.

In all international independent testings Sonda’s algorithms persistently take top places. As per results of the most important testing in the sphere of biometric identification NIST FpVTE-12 Sonda entered the top five of world leaders.


The Standard Edition pack performs main functions with fingerprints: image capturing using different types of scanners, creating fingerprint templates, templates matching in 1:N (identification) and 1:1 (verification) modes.

It operates with templates of ANSI/INCIST 378, ISO 19794-2 international standards and in-house Sonda’s formats. Sonda SDK SE algorithm showed best results in independent international tests: FVC, MINEX, IPI RAN, NIST, FPVTE-12.

Fields of application: biometric access control, time & attendance tracking, logical access control, electronic passports and visas, voting system, driver’s identity, banking transactions and others.


The Professional Edition pack designed for major civil projects with databases of unlimited size. SDK PE is based on Oracle database management system. The module has a scalable architecture and provides fast and accurate performance due to distributed search and special accelerating engine.

It operates with templates of ANSI/INCIST 378, ISO 19794-2 international standards and in-house Sonda’s formats. Sonda SDK PE algorithm showed best results in independent international tests: FVC, MINEX, IPI RAN, NIST, FPVTE-12.

Fields of application: electronic passports and visas, election control, driver’s licenses, bank transactions, major projects of national security, etc.


The Matchers module helps developers to build the real-time identification systems in the 1:N mode on a single matcher. The module allows forming the database of fingerprint templates in the local memory. The recommended database size for a single matcher – 3 million records depending on the required search time.

The identification query may contain from 1 to 10 fingerprints. The two-pass identification algorithm operates with two types of templates: templates for fast search on the first pass and templates for slow search on the second pass.

The identification time for a standard two-processor matcher on a database of one million records ranges within 0.5-3.0 seconds depending on the number of fingerprints in the query.


SID SDK especially designed for seafarers’ biometric identification systems. It allows developing applications for seafarers’ identity documents. It is based on the in-house Sonda‘s fingerprint template format.

Sonda SID SDK was certified by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and meets all requirements of the following standards:

ILO-SID-0002 – Seafarers’ Identity Documents Convention (Revised), 2003 (No. 185) and ILO biometric standard (ILO-SID-0002), ISBIT-3.

ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC37 – N 340 «Biometrics – Biometric Data Interchange Formats – Part 2: Finger Minutiae Data’, Oct. 2003.


The Access Control package was developed for integrating biometric fingerprint identification into card’s access control systems. It is easy to install and does not require modification of a card access control system. This package just integrates the fingerprint identifier to replace cards.

The communication with a card’s system is performed at the hardware level via the standard Wiegand interface. The software interface remains the same and staff access rights and reports are formed in the card’s access control system in an ordinary way.

The AC 2.0 package includes the fingerprint registration module, database of fingerprint templates and the search engine module. It is integrated with Sonda ACD-7 biometric terminals to be installed on turnstiles.


The Segmentation module splits the whole palm images and fingerprints of two or more fingers to further automatically determine separate fingerprints for further processing. The module operates with images obtained either from biometric scanners or paper ten-prints.

The Sonda segmentation algorithm was on top of the NIST SlapSeg-04 and SlapSeg-06 competitions.


The Quality Assessment module designed to perform the quality control of fingerprints obtained with live scanners on remote registration stations where experts are not always available.