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Sonda has been developing the biometric fingerprint identification systems for more than 27 years. We provide biometric identification solutions which enable government agencies, law enforcement and commercial structures around the world to create fast and powerful large-scale biometric identification systems. Sonda offers one of the most rapid, accurate and cost-effective biometric solutions for your safety in the world.

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Search algorithms have built-in special algorithmic accelerators which increase the matching speed hundreds of times. It significantly reduces the total AFIS cost and makes it possible to build rapid identification systems on multimillion databases.

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Greater accuracy of our identification technology confirmed by the independent international tests – NIST FpVTE-12, MINEX, FVC Ongoing, SlapSeg, IPI RAN, etc. According to the NIST FpVTE-12 tests results Sonda enters the top five of world leaders.

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Unlimited scaling possibility of architecture to provide required performance on databases of unlimited size up to hundreds millions of records.

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Sonda’s algorithms provide higher accuracy while limiting time and computational resources for most finger combinations as confirmed by FpVTE-12 tests. It makes your systems less expensive while maintaining the same blazing performance.

FVC Ongoing - Sonda is still ahead

At the beginning of 2018, Sonda submitted the renewed algorithms both for the palm and fingerprint authentication to the regular Fingerprint Verification Competition – FVC Ongoing. Results were published on Feb 2 and March 12. As for the fingerprint verification algorithm Sonda is yet on top.

World testings of biometric technologies

By the end of 2014 the US National Inst. of Standards & Technology (NIST) completed the FpVTE-12 tests (Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation 2012). It was the most important testings in the world for biometric identification technologies which lasted for two years.

Sonda technology to arm CIS law machinery

The Real-Time Identification System based on Sonda technology was demonstrated as a matter of special pride for the Russian Police at the regular meeting of the Council of CIS Interior Ministers held in Dushanbe. The queries went to the remote identification server both in the mobile and stationery modes.

FP is the most reliable identifier for banks

In February Sonda attended the 2-nd conference ‘Remote authentication and biometrics in the financial industry: regulation, technology, solutions’ held by Banking Review magazine. The goal was to reach understanding of how, where and when the biometrics could be used in banks.

Rapid Identification

Rapid Identification of citizen on multimillion databases just in a few seconds any time and any place. Access to ID Server from any computer or mobile identification terminal via WEB-interface. The matching speed is hundreds of times higher due to the special accelerating algorithms, which yet significantly reduce the hardware requirements.

High performance of Sonda identification technology confirmed by the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology on FpVTE12 tests. According to the test results based on the identification speed, accuracy and saving computation resources Sonda is in the top five of world leaders.

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