Sonda has been developing the biometric fingerprint identification systems for 30 years. We provide biometric identification solutions which enable government agencies, law enforcement and commercial structures around the world to create fast and powerful large-scale biometric identification systems. Sonda offers one of the most rapid, accurate and cost-effective biometric solutions in the world.Our team regularly confirms the high quality of its biometric algorithms in the independent international testings such as NIST, MINEX, FVC Ongoing, SlapSeg, IPI RAN. In all tests Sonda consistently takes the top places. Sonda entered the top five of world leaders in NIST FpVTE-12, the most important testing in the world of biometric identification. Sonda has got the ILO certification for the seafarer’s ID cards. We have 64 patents for the method of identification, algorithms, software and hardware solutions. 12 software products registered in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks.The main advantage of our technology is the greater accuracy, reliability, high identification speed on multimillion databases and saving computational resources. Our identification technology is based on the special accelerating algorithms, advanced data structure and unique templates. It allows building the rapid identification systems capable to identify a person any place and any time just withing a couple of seconds.

Anatoly Bokov, CEO
Our company is almost for 30 years on the biometric market. During these years we turned into a solidary team of highly qualified specialists capable to handle the most complicated issues. Today Sonda is the well known, one of the leading brands in the World. Our company deserved its place in the top five of world leaders and became the first in Russia in the field of biometric identification. We regularly confirm it in numerous international independent testings.For 30 years of our activity we have installed AFIS for forensic experts in 15 countries of near and far abroad. More than a hundred of education institutions throughout Russia have been successfully exploiting the school security system «Stay-in-touch». Identification systems for military personnel was installed in 700 of army canteens from Novaya Zemlya up to the island Russkiy.We have good relations with all our partners, Sonda is well known today and highly appreciated. We guarantee high safety and greater accuracy due to unique algorithms developed by our specialists.

Alexander Mosunov, Technical Director
Requirements to biometric identification systems increased strongly. Biometric applications in such relatively new fields like biometric passports, election control, rapid identification of citizens demand complete automation of all processes without experts’ participation. Moreover, requirements to the productivity of such systems increased strongly as well.Today identification systems with databases of hundreds of million records become customary. In addition, they must process fast and accurately those volume of information. At the same time the systems shouldn’t be expensive or too complicated. Contradictory and difficult to implement requirements.But we succeeded in developing products which are capable to meet those requirements. We had to completely revise a lot of established approaches to the architecture, coding and searching algorithms and even to change our way of thinking in order to do it all and keep up with the times.