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Sat 20 October 2018
  • Real Time Identification System

    Rapid identification of citizens in a few seconds. High speed of identification is achieved due to the unique accelerating algorithms. This system would significantly improve safety of mass sports and social events - the Olympic Games, world championships, festivals, concerts.

  • AFIS

    The Sonda’s unique algorithms always prove their great accuracy in the biometric world tests and competitions and meet the requirements of international biometric standards.

  • Sonda's Fingerprint Scanners

    The unique volumetric prism reads 120° of the finger surface and provides high quality and accuracy. It excludes the rolling procedure making the process of registration easier and faster.

  • Sonda's SDK

    Designed for integration of fingerprint identification into wide range of civil and criminal applications such as criminal AFIS, National IDs, access control systems and many others.Sonda's SDKs provide easy integration to any system.

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Tengo el alto honor de dirigirme a Usted, a fin de informarle que hasta el momento esta Policia ha logrado resultados positivos en la aplicacion de busqueda c identification de personas a traves del uso de vuestro sistema AFIS.
Republica oriental del Uruguay. Ministerio del Interior

Pay by Finger
Pay by Finger

The program «Pay by finger» is intended for speeding up and simplify of purchases payment process for both buyers and trading networks using buyer’s identification by fingerprints.

Basic functions

  • Making free from funds usage:
    cash or banking cards which can be left or lost.
  • Speeding up and simplify of payment process:
    it will take about 3-5 seconds for buyer’s identification and purchase payment.
  • Automatic participation in loyalty program:
    there is no need in loyalty card getting, which can be left at home.
  • High degree of safety:
    nobody can realize an operations with account but the client because the fingerprint can’t be given to anybody and can’t be faked.
  • Expenses control at the special cite in a private office.

How the program works

During purchase or service payment the client put his/her finger to biometrical scanner. The system identifies the client and starts the process of payment with a method chosen at registration.

At the same time it is started an individual program of goods and services seller’s loyalty. These can be accumulative discounts for separate types of goods, award fee points, which can be used for purchase payment, personal suggestions: client’s birthday discounts, information about goods and services, interested to the client, etc.

Fingerprint usage is absolutely safely for users:

  • In the Data Base are stored not the fingerprint images but their mathematical templates, which can’t be transformed into the fingerprint image back.
  • Biometrical scanners «Sonda» easily recognize finger fake.


The program allows making safety level flexible for every client account. In case of necessity you can use not one but two fingers or all ten fingers, making your own algorithm of usage for every of them.

Realizing the operations with large sum of money, e.g. more than 20 thousand of rubles, the client can use the other finger or both fingers together.

In addition to it, different fingers can be used in different sales outlets and even in different time, fixing limitations for every case.

The client at his will can set up the notification level and in case of buying some things which cost higher than level cost, there will be automatically sent SMS to client’s mobile with messages about realized operation.

Having registered the «anxious finger», it is possible to protect yourself from purchases, done under a threat to the life. At that time the operation is blocked, and an alarm is sent to the nearest police point.

Benefits for buyers

  • There is no need to remember passwords and worry about card or cash presence in a shop.
  • Speeding up the procedure of payment and turns shortening, possibility to pay for purchases without a queue.
  • Purchase payment, bonus or accumulative discounts getting, participation in a loyalty program – all these are realized with one put of finger to a scanning unit.
  • Individual program of accumulative discounts.
  • Clearing transaction safety and control over them.
  • One banking account for purchases payment and general loyalty program for all members of a family.

Distribution network advantages

  • Cash payment with long-standing customers and cost reduction for work with cash.
  • Speeding up of buyers servicing. Time for buyer’s identification and purchase payment is about 3-5 second.
  • Saving of additional charges when paying with Bank accounts in comparison with the payment for the purchases with credit cards.
  • Attraction and retention of long-standing customers due to the increasing of convenience and personal loyalty program.
  • Automatic accounting of cashiers’ working time at each cash register by means of biometric identification at cash register switching on
  • Independent from the management of the store accounting of all employees of the shop working time using fingerprints.

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