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Sat 20 October 2018
  • Real Time Identification System

    Rapid identification of citizens in a few seconds. High speed of identification is achieved due to the unique accelerating algorithms. This system would significantly improve safety of mass sports and social events - the Olympic Games, world championships, festivals, concerts.

  • AFIS

    The Sonda’s unique algorithms always prove their great accuracy in the biometric world tests and competitions and meet the requirements of international biometric standards.

  • Sonda's Fingerprint Scanners

    The unique volumetric prism reads 120° of the finger surface and provides high quality and accuracy. It excludes the rolling procedure making the process of registration easier and faster.

  • Sonda's SDK

    Designed for integration of fingerprint identification into wide range of civil and criminal applications such as criminal AFIS, National IDs, access control systems and many others.Sonda's SDKs provide easy integration to any system.

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Tengo el alto honor de dirigirme a Usted, a fin de informarle que hasta el momento esta Policia ha logrado resultados positivos en la aplicacion de busqueda c identification de personas a traves del uso de vuestro sistema AFIS.
Republica oriental del Uruguay. Ministerio del Interior

AFIS Sonda
AFIS Sonda

Automated Fingerprint Identification System is used to create and maintain electronic databases of ten-prints, fingerprints and palm-prints taken on crime scenes.

The system is designed for all types of identification by palm and fingerprints:

  • Identification of the criminals, who left the palm latents at the scene of crime committing.
  • Identification of the unidentified corpses, including the ones killed in the acts of terrorism, catastrophes or natural disasters.
  • Identification of individuals being in the International Investigation.
  • Identification of the incapable citizens.
  • Identification of a concrete individual participation in the criminal actions on the international queries of Interpol, FBI, Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • Revealing of the homeless people’s connection to the crime committing.

AFIS Sonda 8.0 Standard
Designed to work with databases from 100,000 up to 3 mln ten-prints. Uses a database management system Oracle.

AFIS Sonda 8.0 Expert
Designed to work with multimillion databases of virtually unlimited size. Control system uses an Oracle database and threading searches on the database.

The AFIS Sonda has additional programs that are very comfortable for users:

  • A testing program for the flatbed scanners used to ascertain the scanner compatibility with the AFIS and to evaluate scanning speed.
  • Tenprints entering and arrangement of integrals operator training program.
  • Latent encoding operator training program.

AFIS Sonda Scalability:

  1. State / National AFIS
  2. SW: Sonda 8 Enterprise,
    DBMS: Oracle,
    DB: multimillion
  3. Regional / Municipal AFIS
  4. SW: Sonda 8 Standard,
    DBMS: Oracle Express,
    up to 2 m 10-prints
  5. Local / Remote / Mobile AFIS
  6. HW: PC, notebook,
    DBMS: Oracle Express
    communication : Ethernet, Mobile, WiFi
  7. Mobile Identification Terminals
  8. SW: Sonda 8 Standard,
    HW: mobile identificator DSVIII with built-In biometric ID reader and HID iCLASS read/write capabilities,
    communication : Ethernet, Mobile, WiFi
  9. Dactyloscopic Registration Stations
  10. for 10-prints input on spot
    SW: Sonda Reg
    HW: PC, biometric scanner
    Data formats: ANSI/NIST-CSL 1-1993, Sonda
  11. Civil AFIS
  12. for checking duplicates on issuing Bio-Passports, ID-cards etc. and citizen identification,
    SW: Sonda SDK Professional

Sonda’s algorithms have greater accuracy in matching enrolled and flat fingerprints due to:

  • tolerance to fingerprints scaling and nonlinear deformation,
  • tolerance to fingerprints translations and rotations up to 180°.

WSQ compression algorithm certified by FBI is used for fingerprint processing.

AFIS Sonda supports ANSI/NIST protocols of FBI and Interpol versions. High performance due to distributing database array and search parallel processing.

AFIS Sonda performs searching of all kinds: LP-TP, LP-LP, TP-TP, TP-LP, PP-LPP, LPP-PP.

Fast And Easy 10-prints Input
10-prints input from both flatbed and live scanners of in-house design or made by other known producers such As Crossmatch, Greenbit, Futronic etc.
10-prints include: 10 rolled fingerprints, check-prints, palm-prints with their lateral face. It is possible to input palm-prints in whole or by segments.

Speed And Accuracy
AFIS Sonda retrieval rate in TP-TP matching runs up to 100-300 thousands matching per second on a single processor.
Searching can be executed with the minimum of 5-6 points.
TP-TP matching accuracy is exceeding 99%.

Fast And Easy Latents Input
Latents input from papers, films or photos is available as well as capturing with the help of video-input devices or transparent dactyloscopic films through the flatbed scanners.
Automatic latents image scaling is provided in case if its scale is unknown.

Latents processing
Latents of good quality can be processed automatically. For latents of medium and poor quality there are handy semi-automatic tools for correction of pattern skeleton and minutiae.
AFIS Sonda is automatically forming tables and marking coincided points.

AFIS Sonda successfully passed the certificate tests many times in different countries (Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Turkish, Malaysia) and showed high reliability of identification on a level of the best world systems.

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